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Helping people at the time of Floods.

Loving Hearts mission is to reach everyone with Love of God even at far regions where there is need. Of course, our area which we are currently living is not much flood affected area, but we have some regions where many people have met and lost shelter and everything due to massive floods, so where11ver it is God has chosen us. We are reaching them with Immediate Needs like Clothes, Vessels, Blankets, Rice and food essentials, etc. They are very pleased to have these and remember us all the time when we or our team again visit, they request us to pray for them Many have turned lives to Jesus and been saved. We thank God for his wonderful Mission with Love.


Helping people at the time of Fire.

Very often we listen and see villages burned down. We also see many victims of floods, earthquakes, and droughts which sweep out massive people and leave many behind with to starve. These immediate incidents are very unseen and many people are not aware of such this. Due to Fire, house accidents many old families are left on roadsides as they lost everything. There is such no report what happened and no one responded. Many old couples have no other choice except to leave their house and stay at other places. At this time Loving Hearts is reaching these not only old couples but also others with essentials and other needs and trying best to Help them. We all need your prayers and support for such activities to be moved more to touch more lives to be lifted.

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Loving Hearts mission is standing with these people at the time of such natural calamities and helping the people with food, clothes, cooking vessels, medicine and etc. Our dear ones in Singapore sent containers filled with clothes and first aid boxes which helped us to distribute to orphans, lepers, and especially to the victimized people on different occasions.  We have distributed tons of rice to fire and flood victims. We wish to do more as God is leading us to. We need your prayers support.


What They Need ?

WE ACCEPT all kinds of used second-hand clothes and all sizes Blankets, slippers, shoes, bags, mosquito nets, etc you can send to our Address. Any time we accept keep them ready in stock would help us to respond with these needs immediately.

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Distributed Sewing machines to widows and young girls

Distributed Sewing machines to widows and young girls

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