After Hearing the Testimonies from previous women who received 5 sewing machines we are very much encouraged and prayed a lot. Some of these women where neglected and staying away from village, But they said now the villagers are coming to them to stitch clothes. This small sewing machines now building relationship with those refused people. We prayed God to Continue this project so that we can able to create more women employment, Now whole family surviving from the income of sewing machines. It may not be able to meet every need, but somehow its showing impact in their lives, in the month of Nov God opened doors to distribute again 10 sewing machines to 10 women. We are very thankful to all the kind people who donated for these machines. Very excited to receive testimonies from these people. We are praying for more resource to Help more women. My dear friends it wouldn’t be possible for me alone without yours support and most precious prayers.