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About The Founder 

LOVING HEARTS SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY (LHM) was Founded by BRO.DAVIDSON (VINOD) A very Young man of God who is very passionate and Heart willing to work and surrendered His life after receiving a clear call from God to serve him at the Hard times of Mission field. While he was studying in high school He completed fell in sick and there were none to care about him in school which leads him to loneliness. He found one thing can make him feeling better and started praying and crying to God he had a question “ IF HE DIE NOW WHERE HE WILL GO” But God Answered that prayer and Showed him John 11:25 Jesus Said , I am the Resurrection and the Life . Whoever Believes in me, Though he Die, Yet shall he Live . He was born in a Christian family But he did not completely surrender his life to God. Now He woke up and prayed.




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Church Planting

Now there are 69 churches in LHM MINISTRY in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh working with 72 missionaries. Among these some churches are under construction some churches are mud huts as well some are not even started yet.

Orphans Care

We pray and join with you to work on these orphanages not only this one His heart is willing and crying for the many children who are losing lives on the streets without food and shelter he believes everyone deserves this LOVE OF GOD FROM THIS LOVING HEARTS.

Gospel Crusades

LOVING HEARTS MINISTRY Conducts Gospel Crusades Every Year These Crusades were conducted annually in the month of February for three days in LOVING HEARTS CAMPUS where all together join and praise God

Humanitarian Help

Loving Hearts mission is standing with these people at the time of such natural calamities and helping the people with food, clothes, cooking vessels, medicine and etc.

Bible College

LHSSS MINISTRY has been sending the Native missionaries to the Unreached remote areas to share the LOVE OF GOD and Preaching about GOD OUR SAVIOUR to have them SALVATION.

Bore Well

LOVING HEARTS MISSION drilling Borewells in most tribe regions of the Indian community to make the water available for most places. Till now, we are able to drill 6 wells in many different places. 

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How Can you feed these Needy ?

You can Help these needy by providing supplies or equivalent financial support.

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Loving heart Social Service Society is an Indian NGO working for the better living of native tribes of India by Providing them basic necessities , Education and health needs.


Rajapuram,Mulakalapalli,Bhadradri Kothagudem,Telangana,India.

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